We supply the World's Top Beatboxers who can teach you, your company, your school or even your party how to beatbox!

Workshops FAQ

How many people can do a workshop?


  • Workshops can range from any number!
  • We have taught up to 20,000 people in one go!


Can anyone do it?


  • No prior knowledge of music required
  • No musical instruments needed, you are the musical instrument!
  • Everyone can do it!
  • It is the most interactive group activity
  • Ideal to build communication and even speech therapy

Do we need amplification and microphones?


  • Ideal setup: (depending on how many students)
  • 2- 5 x Microphones
  • Mixing desk with minimum 4/5 Microphone inputs
  • Speaker and amplification 300W or higher
  • Small groups can be done acoustically


How long is a workshop?


  • 15  - 30mins -  Taster sessions
  • 1hour – Basic course
  • 2 hour or more – Advanced course

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